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Face Peeling Pen

The Face Peeling Pen is a disposable swab dampened with a liquefied peeling agent.

This is a new concept peeling product that helps to remove the old dead skin of the face easily and smoothly by just wiping your face with Self Peeling Pen like applying peeling agent.

In addition, by adding ingredients related to soothing + moisturizing + whitening

+ wrinkle improvement, it relieves skin irritation after peeling and helps to cultivate 

an elastic and clean skin by facilitating the movement of the effective substances to

the skin beneath the horny layer removed by peeling.

As a small size, it can care for even the hidden dead skin at every corner of the face and,

as a disposable product, you can use new product whenever you use it.

Face Peeling Pen
Face Peeling Pen

Advantages of the Daejong’s Self Peeling Swab

By adding AHA ingredients to disposable swab, can remove dead skin smoothly. - Ease of use - Mild irritation - Moisturization and strengthen the skin barrier. - Usable for sensitive skin - No need of additional facial cleansing after use.

Disadvantages of the Existing Peeling Product

In general, exfoliation method of physical form such as scrubs, gauze etc has been used. - Cumbersome in use - Strong irritation - Skin barrier damage - Not usable for sensitive/ red skin - Additional facial cleansing is required after use.

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