Co2 Mask / DJ carborn therapy

Introduction of Carboxy Co2 Mask / Korean mask pack

Daejong Medical's Co2 mask pack is easy to use and effective because the mask and gel are separated.

It is exported to more than 30 countries around the world.

Carboxy Co2 Mask

Co2 has been used for the treatment of skin wounds, but since it has been found to be effective in reducing subcutaneous fat, it has begun to be used for cosmetic use. Co2 also has a good effect on facial cosmetic by shrinking and brightening the skin.

Daejong Medical introduced a Co2 mask pack and a Co2 body mask which were able to obtain Co2 effect without injecting Co2 into the skin after the research and development for two years.

Co2 has also been shown to be effective in stinging, acne, cellulite and atopic dermatitis.

New Technology of Co2 Face Mask

Co2 Gel Mask consists of GEL and sheet MASK. Just by combining these two, CO2 is generated. It is then quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin. Reaction of the GEL and MASK takes 20 – 30 minutes to be effectively absorbed into the skin

co2 mask pack
co2 mask pack
Co2 Absorption Effects

Co2 promotes an increase of O2 supply that is required for cell metabolism.

When Co2 is absorbed into the skin, the more O2 is supplied to the skin texture and metabolism of skin is palpated.

Working principle of a Co2 Gel Mask

is an unprecedented substance transfer system, where Co2 generated from the mixture of two components of GEL applied to skin and MASK is delivered to skin efficiently. Co2 absorbed into skin helps O2 transferred through red blood cell to be delivered to skin tissue. which is the latest treatment technology providing diverse skin repair effects due to various actions including vasodilatation, activated protein synthesis, fat metabolism stimulus, and skin waste excretion stimulus.

Vasodilatation action : Vasodilatation contributes to the activation of skin cell metabolism as well as the improvements of skin blood vessels, thus leading to healthier skin.Anti-inflammatory action : Oxygen discharged from hemoglobin stimulates anti-inflammatory action and waste excretion action, leading to improvement in the symptoms by inflammation relief causing skin coarsening and other skin troubles. Blood fluidity improving action :blood fluidity should be good in order to supply oxygen for cells by uniform blood(red blood cell) flow into capillary distributed in skin. Co2 absorbed into skin enhances blood fluidity, facilitating oxygen supply.

Physiological activity of Carboxy Co2 absorbed into skin
carborn therapy
co2 mask

Effect of Carboxy Co2 Gel Mask Pack

Face Slimming Effects 

 One of the major skin elements is called phospholipid which is formed in double layers. With Carboxy Co2 Gel, Co2 is generated by combining the MASK and the GEL, and is absorbed into the phospholipid layers by the defusing de-gassing structure (DDS). Co2 then densifies the tissues by the slimming effects. Effortlessly unlike an exercise to slim, you can easily benefit from the face slimming effects.


Moisturizing Effects & Brightening

 Carboxy Co2 Mask helps balance between oil and moisture on the skin for ideal skin conditions

and it helps skin brightening.


Vasovagal reaction

 The vasovagal reaction improves blood circulation of the skin by vitalizing metabolism of the skin cells for healthy skin. Healthy skin is essential to make skin beautiful. This is one of the reasons why Co2 makes skin beautiful.

Anti-inflammation effects

 Inflammation often results in rough skin. The skin condition can be improved by inhibiting inflammation. Although acne cannot be treated directly by Co2 Carboxy Gel, Co2 can inhibit inflammation and help natural healing.


Improving Blood Flow

 Red blood cells must reach every part of the capillary vessels around the skin, and blood must flow well to supply oxygen to each and every cell. Co2 absorbed into the skin works to purify the blood.


Bohr Effects

 Vitalized metabolism by Carboxy Co2 is realized by increased oxygen supply from the red blood cells raising the oxygen partial pressure inside the tissue. More oxygen the more active metabolism and stronger the self-renewal hence skin troubles, ageing and scars could be better dealt with. Co2 easily reaches blood vessels from skin, and melts in the blood helping hemoglobin to carry more oxygen to cells.

Deep Moisturizing & Anti-Ageing Effects

 The well known basic skin protection is to supply and maintain amoisture of skin. Supply of moisture to skin is an absolute essential.Furthermore, keeping the moisture within the horny layers of skin isvery important. The product has been developed especially for use indry seasons like autumn and winter and for the benefit of those with a dry skin. Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask is an excellent product for keeping the balancebetween oil and moisture. Against phenomenons of face lines androughness due to dryness, slowing metabolism and ageing, Co2 Mask Pack effectively helps revitalize your skin to the healthy condition. Co2 Face Mask acts as a prevention of such ageing phenomenons.

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