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DJ carborn therapy | Co2 Pore Mask

Introduction of Co2 Pore Mask

Butterfly Co2 Pore Mask has been developed to intensively improve pores, spots, blemishes, wrinkles which are gathered in Butterfly Zone and difficult to change, so it is a differentiating product from existing Co2 face mask pack.

co2 butterfly mask

In addition to Butterfly Zone, we focus on caring the hard part including forehead, chin, so you can quickly see a better effect.


The main effects are brightening, shrinking pores through improved elasticity, improving skin texture, etc.

co2 pore mask

Before & After of Co2 Pore Mask

The co2 pore mask can effectively manage a lot of pores on the ball and nose of the face.
Use once or twice a week to manage pores and improve skin texture.

korea co2 mask
mask pack effect

OEM of Co2 Pore Mask

All products manufactured by Daejong Medical can be produced in the packaging desired by buyers. Co2 pore mask is currently available for a total of six times and is sold successfully in domestic cosmetics stores.

co2 carboxy gel pore mask.jpg
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