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DJ carborn therapy | Co2 Body Mask

Introduction of Co2 Body Mask

Co2 is used to treat wounds, but it was discovered during research that it had excellent subcutaneous fat reducing effects. It is widely used for cosmetic effects for the body through ppt injections and Co2 injectors, etc.

Daejong Medical’s Co2 Body Mask & Belly Mask is a convenient and effective body slimming product developed using such principles. Combination of Co2 Gel and sheet creates Co2 to be delivered to skin, and it is a ground breaking technology which provides the Co2 Body Slimming Effect with convenient, painless, and economical results.

cellulite reduction mask
co2 body mask

There is a reason so many users have chosen this product.

Co2 Body Slimming Mask (broadcast)

co2 carboxy gel body mask.jpg
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