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DJ carborn therapy | Co2 Mask Pack

Introduction of Carboxy Co2 Mask Pack / Korean face mask

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dj carborn therapy

Advantages of Co2 Face Mask

It is 20 ~ 30% more effective than existing Co2 Pack.
Conventional Co2 Pack uses gel and powder in rot, so Co2 is already generated during rotting process and face application, so 20 ~ 30% effect can be obtained under same condition.

Co2 generation occurs uniformly throughout the site.
The existing Co2 Pack does not cause Co2 generation at the site of use due to the development of powder during the process of user decaying the gel and powder. However, our Co2 Mask Pack has homogeneous Co2 generation because the powder is uniformly applied to the mask sheet.

The duration of Co2 is long.
Compared to the mixed Carboxy Co2 Gel Pack, which is exposed directly to the air under the same conditions, Co2 generation of the mask type lasts 20 ~ 30% longer.

Easy to use.
It is unnecessary to mix powder and gel before use, and it is convenient to use pack type after applying gel.

Carboxy Co2 gel mask Clinical Test Conclusions

In the final 12 subjects, skin brightness, facial lifting, and pore improvement human body

application test of Co2 Mask Pack were performed.

Analysis of changes in instrumental analysis using a Chromameter showed a skin brightness improvement of 1.06%.

Analysis of changes in facial lifting measurements using Moire showed a lifting

improvement of 3.73%.

Facial stage analysis software analysis of pore device analysis showed that the pore

improvement rate was 9.46%.


Number of trials: only once

How to use Co2 Face Mask

1. Clean your skin after cleansing.

2. Spread the gel on the entire face and apply it evenly.

    (Use all the gel in the container at once to thicken evenly.)

3. Cover your face and neck with mask sheet and neck sheet.

    (It touches evenly to maintain contact with middle middle skin.)

4. After 20 ~ 30 minutes, remove the mask when the Co2 reaction is over.

    (Do not use for more than 30 minutes, it may irritate the skin.)

5. Remove residue with tissue and wash several times with lukewarm water.

co2 face mask

Carboxy Co2 gel mask Brand Packages

We, Daejong, distribute our own Co2 mask pack brand.

DJ Carboxy Therapy.jpg
사본 -누끼DSC05727.jpg
dj carborn therapy.jpg
Size of co2 mask sheet.jpg

Carboxy Co2 mask Bulk Package

This is a bulk packaging that can be used in SPA or beauty shops.

Product composition: 500ml x 2 (1L) + 40 pcs of Mask + Nect sheet

co2 carboxy bulk package.jpg

Carboxy Co2 mask OEM Package

Below are some of OEM products we have made so far. It has been exported to over 20 countries, including domestic buyers.

co2 carboxy gel face mask.jpg

How to use Co2 Face Mask - Video

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