Other Products of Daejong Medical

Introduction of Daejong's Products

Daejong Medical produces Korean cosmetics and medical devices. It is our job to create ideas and new products that are not on the market.

 No paraben!  No fragrance!

 No pigment!  No alcohol!

 It is made of hyaluronic acid solution and vitamin C    powder only with DAEJONG’s unique technology. 

vitamin cosmetic

The Self Peeling Swab is a disposable swab dampened with a liquefied peeling agent.

It's peeling product for face & neck use

face peeling cosmetic

Daejong Medical's Freeze Drying Cosmetic is a new concept product that does not use any preservatives and chemical ingredients by freeze drying without destroying good materials.

Freeze drying serum

SATIS Pure whitening creamis is dual functionality cream enhanced the whitening effect & anti-wrinkle.

face serum

 Why the hair stylist recommends the hair protein

 treatment before and after the perm or dyeing ?


 Preventing damage is the basic !!

 Quickly recover damaged hair !!


 Great ​Sales : 8,000,000pcs in 2 years worldwide

keratin hair treatment

The dual-function cream SATIS provides a whitening effect with Niacinamide, a representative whitening ingredient; with Seresin protein from cocoon extract, it provides a wrinkle improvement effect with its Adenosine ingredient.

whitening cosmetic

Finger splint is a device used to press and support fingers when they are fractured or injured.


Where to use :

Arthritis, fracture, ligament rupture, nail injury, external wound in a finger

face mask

LED Toothbrush has two products using Blue LED to help teeth whitening and Red LED to help gum care.

Synergistic effect can be achieved by using toothpaste for tooth whitening and gum care.

led toothbrush oem.jpg