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Hair Treatment

Introduction of Keratin Hair Treatment

 Keratin Hair Treatment fuse the first and the second treatment into one without breaking molecular structure, adsorb low molecular weight protein, high molecular weight collagen and keratin, and quickly penetrate into the hair.

Keratin Hair Treatment
hair keratin treatment before and after

Micro-particles of protein sticks to the hair like a magnet from healthy hair roots to the end, and fills the damaged cuticles.

* The damaged hair without cuticle layer may result in unclear hair dye, leave stains, dry puffy hair, and soon to loose hair perm all of which gives dirty impression

Sales of Daejong's Hair Treatment 

We have achieved great sales results of Hair treatment product in a short period of time because of its excellent quality.
It is also sold in China and Southeast Asia. 

Sales : 318,087pcs in 2 weeks

 Total Sales : 800,000pcs in one month

 on the online shopping in Korea

Total sales volume over 8Million since 2015

sale of keratin hair treatment

As it is a fast and effective enough, Keratin Hair Treatment enables you do shampoo and hair-dry just after 5 minutes of applying. Instead of cutting the cracked, broken, powerless hair, it will return you the healthy hair.

keratin hair
hair protein treatment

Package of Keratin Hair Treatment 

It is sold in various packaging and OEM & ODM production is possible.

Hair treatment

25ml Syringe (1pc)

keratin hair treatment

25ml Syringe (4pcs)

hair treatment oem

150ml Tube (1pc)

keratin hair treatments

1L Bottle (1pc)

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