Paper Packed Cosmetic

Introduction of Paper Packed Cosmetic

Existing cosmetics cost a great deal to the container & package

Therefore, we have developed eco-friendly Paper packed cosmetics that reduce the cost of containers and concentrate on cosmetic ingredients.

Advantage of Paper packed cosmetic

Eliminating unnecessary features, eliminate excessive design, leaving only essentials.

If conventional cosmetics use 10% of raw materials compared to packaging, we invested 90% in raw materials rather than packaging.

Paper used in paper packed cosmetic is a specially developed material used for edible purposes. It can store raw materials freshly and is waterproof.

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korean face serum

Characteristic of Paper packed cosmetic

facial serum
Resource conservation
Focus on Ingredients

Nature-friendly paper packed cosmetics use recyclable eco-friendly paper.

We reduced the cost of the container and concentrated only on the ingredients.

Unique algorithm

Only ingredients that are good for the skin are used.

Recommended for :

Paper packed cosmetics are largely made with two concepts.


T-Zone : Created essenace type to manage T-zone which is shiny with grease.

               Paper packed cosmetic provide T-Zone with clean and elastic skin.


U-Zone : For the U-Zone, which has a relatively dry feeling and worries about

               eye wrinkles, it has been made into a cream type with enhanced

               moisturizing properties.

Paper packed cosmetic ODM & OEM Service

Daejong Medical co-develop new products with buyers. If you would like to develop as ODM for Paper packed cosmetic, please contact us at any time. Other products besides this product are also available.

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Paper packed cosmetic

The current products for T-zone and U-zone of face were released as OEM brands.