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Face Mask Pack

Introduction of face mask pack

We can supply various Korean mask packs as well as Co2 mask packs by OEM or  ODM bases.

Advantage of daejong's face mask

We do not make cheap and ineffective mask packs.

We have been manufacturing Co2 Face Mask since 2007
We are a proven manufacturer exporting to more than 20 countries around the world.

The 5DAYS MASK PACK, prepared for skin that is tired and dry during week, is made from fresh extracts of fruits and vegetables and seawater which has lots of minerals

korean face mask pack
Korean mask pack (2).jpg
korean face mask
5days mask pack

Characteristic of Daejong's face mask pack

korea face mask
korean mask sheet
Special Sheet

The mask sheet we use has excellent skin adhesion and have the skin absorbs the ingredients of the sheet effectively.

face sheet
mask pack sheet
Separate Cover

A separate cover is attached to the mask pack so that the joints of the mask pack do not stick together and can be used easily.

5days face mask pack

It's one of daejong's OEM face mask pack 

1. Apple Extract Pack: When the skin is dull (Moisturizing)

2. Avocado Pack: When elasticity of face is low (Nutrition moisturizing)

3. Cherry Blossom Pack: When the skin is rough (Shine)

4. Aronia extract pack: When the face is dry (Soothing moisturizer)

5. Cabbage & Broccoli Pack: When the skin is rough (Moisturizing)

Face Mask Pack ODM & OEM Service

Daejong Medical co-develop new face mask products with buyers. If you would like to develop as ODM for Korean face mask pack, please contact us at any time. Other products besides this product are also available.

mask sheet oem
mask pack oem
5days face mask pack

5days mask pack is a premium mask pack made from natural extracts and seawater under OEM brand.

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