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LED Toothbrush

Introduction of LED Toothbrush

LED Toothbrush has two products using Blue LED to help teeth whitening and Red LED to help gum care. Synergistic effect can be achieved by using toothpaste for tooth whitening and gum care.


Advantage of LED Toothbrush

Daejong's 2019 LED Toothbrush can be used twice a day

Blue LEDs for 9 months and Red LEDs for 7 months.

The brush head uses a 0.01mm microfiber to remove debris between the teeth softly.

Specification of LED Tooth brush

How to use "LED Toothbrush"

Material of Main body: ABS

Material of Brush: PBT

Material of Head: PET

Material of Button: Rubber 

Heat-resistant temperature: 60 degrees

Weight: 26.5 g

Voltage: 3V

Specifications: height-192mm / diameter-20mm

Press the rubber button for 2 seconds and the LED will last 3 minutes and turn off.

led toothbrush dj.jpg
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