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Whitening Cream

Introduction of Pure Whitening Cream

The dual-function cream provides a whitening effect with Niacinamide, a representative whitening ingredient; with Seresin protein from cocoon extract, it provides a wrinkle improvement effect with its Adenosine ingredient.

The secret of whitening function from silk

Cocoon extract, which is most similar to human skin protein, provides excellent adherence to skin and silky radiance that improves skin texture by densely filling up skin.

whitening cosmetic
whitening cream

Satis whitening Cream Recommended for..

Customers who want bright, clear skin tone

Customers who want to take care of dark spots such as liver spots and blemishes

Customers who want closely adhering makeup

Customers who want clean, bare face

Customers who have uneven skin texture

Effects of Pure Whitening Cream

Natural whitening & moisturizing effects

Cocoon extract gives a natural whitening effect, and ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid provide a rich moisturizing effect!

Dual-function product (whitening / wrinkle improvement)

Niacinamide provides proven long-lasting skin whitening effect, and Adenosine has a wrinkle improvement effect.

Beauty Tips for Satis Pure Whitening Cream

Apply 1/3~1/2 of the spatula.

A liberal amount of NELDJSK is absorbed fast into skin.

satis whitening cosmetic

How to use; Pure Whitening Cream

Before wearing makeup <Makeup boosting effect>

Toner > Lotion > Pure whitening cream > makeup

Apply before wearing makeup to improve the application of makeup!

Don't worry about smudge!

Before going to bed <Skin tone improvement>

Toner > Pure whitening cream

Experience long-lasting whitening effect with ingredients such as Niacinamide and Cocoon extract.

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