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DJ carborn therapy | Co2 Carboxy Hand Mask

Introduction of Co2 Carboxy Hand Mask

Co2 Carboxy Hand Mask has been developed for your hands that are easy to get damaged due to frequent use and neglected care. Hands become more beautiful and moist by increasing suppleness, whitening, supplying oxygen and moisturizing that are the featured effects of Co2.

co2 hand mask

Co2 Carboxy Hand Mask can be used in nail shop or skin shop and ODM development is possible.
Currently the minimum quantity is 10,000pcs.

How to use Co2 Carboxy Hand Mask

1. After washing hands, clean the skin with toilet lotion.

2. Combine the Mask of hand shape and the plastic.

3. Open the Mask containing Gel, and apply it by spreading evenly to the entire hands.

   (At a single use, apply all the Gel in the Mask spreading thickly to the hands.)

4. Put on the hand Mask to both hands, and attach it evenly to the whole hand.

    Occasionally (after 10 minutes) stroke the hand uniformly to maintain contact with the skin.

5. Take off the Co2 Carboxy hand mask after 20~30 minutes when the reaction of Co2 is over.

6. Remove the Gel with a paper tissue, and wash the hand several times with tepid water.

    (Please keep the Gel in a refrigerator to maximize the effect.)

7. Do not use over 30mins

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