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Co2 Mask OEM & ODM

Introduction of Co2 Mask OEM & ODM

Daejong Medical is a company professionalizing in the OEM and ODM production medical devices especially Microneedle Roller & Stamp and also Korean cosmetics, We customize Co2 Mask Pack, Co2 Body Mask, Co2 Pore Mask etc.. based on product patents. Depending on the quantity of order, various packaging is possible.(zipper, box, tube, etc.) even small OEM or ODM quantities will be available.

co2 mask oem

OEM Products for Co2 Mask Pack | DJ Carborn Therapy

Since the development of Co2 Mask in 2007, dozens of Co2 products have been produced by OEM & OEM. In Co2 Mask Pack field, we have achieved the top market share since 2007 and we are doing our best to announce Co2 Mask products in the world market.

OEM Products for Co2 Body & Pore Mask

Co2 Mask has diversified products such as Co2 Face Mask, Co2 Body Mask, and Co2 Pore Mask. It has been recognized in the market by launching Co2 Body Mask and Co2 Belly Mask by confirming the effect of Co2 on cellulite reduction.

Co2 Pore Mask products are sold to general consumers and sold more than million units in individual packaging products. 

co2 carboxy gel pore mask.jpg

Co2 Body Mask can be used in areas that are difficult to manage, and can be used to achieve great results.

co2 carboxy gel body mask.jpg

Package Idea of Carboxy co2

We can offer a variety of product packaging ideas for OEM customers.

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