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Hyaluronic Stick

Our freeze-dried cosmetics were sold in US home shopping.

freeze-dried cosmetics

Daejong Medical's Freeze Drying Cosmetic with registered patents by SGBioMed. Co. Ltd.,is a new concept product which does not use any preservatives and chemical ingredients by freeze drying without damaging any effective components.

Advantage of Freeze Drying Cosmetics

- Freeze-dried cosmetics do not require the use of preservatives. - Freeze-dried cosmetics have almost no destruction of the active

ingredient when dried. - Freeze-dried cosmetics have a very long shelf life. - The ingredients of freeze-dried cosmetics are higher in skin

permeability and longer than normal cosmetics. - It is possible to manufacture freeze-dried cosmetics containing various ingredients.

- It is possible to prevent the deterioration of quality such as

oxidation that may occur during the formulation, packaging

and distribution of existing cosmetics.

Disadvantages - It can be used after mixed with purified water. - Recommended to use within 7 days after mixing with liquid

solution or purified water.

Home shopping video

Freeze drying cosmetic product under development

Daejong Medical manufactures and tests various Freeze drying cosmetic prototypes. Ampoules, eye wrinkle masks, cosmetic swabs, cosmetic pill, etc. We will make new products that did not exist in the existing cosmetics market.

More information, please contact us.

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