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Microneedle Roller

Introduction of Microneedle Derma Roller

Effects of Microneedling & Healthy Ingredient Infiltration

In general, the probability of Healthy Ingredients passing the horny layer through Intercellular routes of skin cells is just about 0.3% per each usage. Even with that, the effect reaching to the required areas can not be obtained due to the unique reactive skin cell characteristics such as cornification & etc.


With much laborious effort & 30 years of artisanship, the luxury cosmetic Derma Roller (Patent# 2007-0010…) has been developed utilizing the fine needle in order to maximize the healthy ingredients infiltration effect into skin, inventing new, wonderful Drug Delivery System offering surprising effect directly passing the epidermis & dermis through Trans-cellular Route.

Specification of Microneedle Roller

• Overall Length : 13cm(H) X 2.5cm(V)

• Cylindrical Shape (Lines) : 8(for clinical application)

• Number of Micro-Needles per Line: 26 each (Total No. of Needles: 192ea)

• Micro-Needle: Processed with Special Corrosion Resistant Process

• Body Material: Brass (Gold plated)

• Silicone Grip for non slip

• Connection hole for Galvanic(Option)

• No Nickel (Rhodium use)

• High temperature silicon glue use : 300C°=> Auto Clave can be used for sterilization

• Thickness of Needle: 0.25/0.3mm

• Length of Needle : 0.2~2.0mm

• Material: Medical Purpose Stainless Steel (SUS 316 use)

• Patented Technology: Skin Stimulator Roller Manufacturing Process (Patent#2007-0010…)

daejong derma roller size
microneedle derma roller

Natural formation of collagen by derma roller

Collagen, which accounts for one third of the body’s protein, is an important ingredient to form the dermal layer of skin and the result of aging on dermal layer causes wrinkles.


Collagen synthesis in the body is very active until the age of almost 20 and it is supplied to most areas of our body. But, when a person reaches the age of 25, the ability to synthesize collagen is sharply declining and this leads to decline of skin elasticity and causes many skin problems including wrinkles.


Derma Roller makes fine passages on the skin and radically increases the permeation of effective skin care ingredients to dermal layer. Naturally formed collagen to block the fine passages caused by needles is effective in improving skin’s elasticity and wrinkles and shows whitening effect.


As vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid promote collagen synthesis, these help you can get better effect.


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