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Massage Roller

Introduction of Massage Roller

massage roller

Galvanic Massage Roller would be used without burden for the patients who

are repulsed by the procedure with micro-needles of Roller or Stamp.It relaxes the loose muscle of face, neck and chin in knots, and soothes the puffy skin and

makes the skin brighter by enhancing its bloodstream.(Available to the entire body)


Galvanic unit assists to absorb cosmetics better, activate the skin cells and

improve blood circulation.

galvanic massage roller

Specification of Massage Roller

* Overall Length : 13cm(H) X 2.5cm(V)

* Cylindrical Shape (Lines) : 12lines

* Number of circular cone per Line: 8 each (Total No. of circular cone : 96ea)

* Body Material: Brass (Gold plated)

* Silicone Grip for non slip

* Connection hole for Galvanic(Option)(4mm)

* Double type skin massager=> No. of circular cone 192ea

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