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Microneedle Stamp

Introduction of Microneedle Derma Stamp

Microneedle Derma Stamp is used at the region of eye rims or nose, where the operation is difficult, for convenient procedure. It can be used easily providing less pain comparing with Roller.

It is also used together to help absorption rate when using hair loss related products.

Specification of Derma Stamp

* Overall Length : 12cm(H) X 2.6cm(W) X 1.6cm(L)

* Total No. of Micro-needle : 142pins

* Micro-Needle: Processed with Special Corrosion Resistant Process

* Silicone Coated (For pain relief)

* Body Material : Brass (Gold plated)

* Silicone Grip for non slip

* Connection hole for Galvanic(Option) : 4mm

* Thickness of Needle: 0.25/0.3mm

* Length of Needle : 0.2,0.25,0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0mm

* Material: Medical Purpose Stainless Steel(SUS316)

* No Nickel

Packing of Derma Stamp

OEM order of Derma Stamp is available and packaging can be made upon request of the buyer.

microneedle stamp
daejong derma stamp
derma stamp

Asian Buyers : Please contact us

Other Nations : Please contact our Exclusive Distributor in switzerland:

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