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Advantage of Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask Pack

Advantage of Daejong CO2 GEL MASK

Advantage of carboxy co2 gel mask pack
Advantage of carboxy co2 gel mask pack

1. This product has 20~30% better effects than existing CO2 MASK.

=> Existing CO2 MASK uses mixed GEL and powder and CO2 is generated

from mixing process and applying process. Therefore, it is 20~30% more

effective at the same condition.

2. CO2 is generated evenly from entire applied parts.

=> Existing CO2 MASK has powder agglomeration phenomenon during

mixing process of GEL and powder. Thus, CO2 may not be generated

evenly from applied areas. On the other hand, powder is evenly coated

on MASK of Daejong CO2 GEL MASK. Therefore, CO2 occurs evenly.

3. CO2 duration time is long.

=> MASK type generates CO2 gas 20~30% more than mix typed CO2 MASK

which is exposed immediately to the air at the same condition.

4. It is convenient to use.

=> Prior to use, it is not necessary to mix powder and GEL. It is convenient

to use since MASK is attached after applying GEL.

Carboxy co2 mask pack
Carboxy co2 mask pack


In skin brightness, facial lifting and pores improvement human body application test of CARBOXY CO2 GEL MASK MASK, the improvement rates are as below:

The analysis result of measured value change using chromameter shows 1.06% improved rate of skin brightness.

The analysis result of lifting measurement value change using Moire shows 3.73% improvement rate of skin brightness.

The analysis result of measurement value of pores change using facial stage image software is shown 9.46% pores improvement rate.

Base on 1time use

dj carboxy therapy
dj carboxy therapy

Daejong Medical is a Korean cosmetic and medical device manufacturer and manufactures Carboxy Co2 mask pack, derma roller and others as OEM and ODM bases

Info. of Carborn Therapy

Carboxy Mask

Carboxy Mask for Face

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Carboxy Mask for OEM

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