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Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy is an effective mask pack that allows you to immediately experience skin tightening and brightening effects.

Daejong Medical is a Korean cosmetic and medical device manufacturer and manufactures Co2 mask pack, derma roller and others as OEM and ODM based.

 The Co2 had been used to treat scars at first but it was later found to be effective in reducing subcutaneous fat, and subsequently proved to contract size of the face. It is also proven to be effective in improving freckles, acne and atopic dermatitis.

Co2 Mask Pack | DJ Carborn Therapy is a new concept of mask pack produced using patented technology of Daejong Medical.

microneedle roller.jpg

 Skin microneedle roller, skin microneedle stamp, skin massage rollers from Daejong Medical, as the world’s only premium products using 100% of brass, stainless steel and gold, are causing no allergy to the skin and possible to be sterilized in Auto Clave and used in connection with Galvanic machines.

face peeling
face peeling product.jpg

This product is a disposable swab dampened with a liquefied peeling agent.


This is a new concept peeling product that helps to remove the old dead skin of the face easily and smoothly by just wiping your face with Self Peeling Swab | Peeling pen like applying peeling agent.

vitamin serum
vitamin c powder serum.jpg

No paraben! No fragrance! No pigment! No alcohol!

It is made of hyaluronic acid solution and vitamin C powder only with DAEJONG’s unique technology. As vitamin C is very unstable and easily gets oxidized, it will be separated ahead and mixed just before use, which provides fun to use with refreshing feel.

keratin hair treatment
hair coating.jpg

 KERATIN CARE SYSTEM fuse the first and the second treatment into one without breaking molecular structure, adsorb low molecular weight protein, high molecular weight collagen and keratin, and quickly penetrate into the hair.

​And meet the a new product from Daejong. You can find the difference and ideas unique to Daejong.

face cream
paper packed cosmetic (13).jpg

Existing cosmetics cost a great deal to the container & package. Therefore, we have developed eco-friendly Paper packed cosmetics that reduce the cost of containers and concentrate on cosmetic ingredients.

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